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The History of Pare-Battage
and its Fender Lights.


My name is Sophie, creator of the brand Pare-Battage.

I grew up with the sea, between Mediterranean and West Coast.

Pare-Battage isn’t purely a coincidence: it’s mostly thanks to my father’s passion for sailing,

and the many summers I spent on the forecastle of my grandfather’s boat in the South of France.

Photography, architecture, contemporary art and design brought me to create my own brand;

I wanted to play with the codes.


Why Pare-Battage?

Pare-Battage is the French word for a boat’s fender. It is its defense, used to protect the ship.


The brand theme is all about sailing in the sea.

The marine environment concerns many people: skippers, vacationers, decoration enthusiasts… each one of us is sensible to the marine world and what it represents: it is a way to escape.


Sea, sailors, boats: they all convey a true and strong image.

The skippers’ determination and willingness when they outdo themselves during world tours, show beautiful human and ecological values.


I love everything this represents.


I thus created this brand to conceive some nomadic lights and lanterns, with LEDs.


After more than two years of research, drawings, studies, we are ready!


This desire to have a “Pare-Battage” light goes back several years.

Time was needed to find the right design office, manufacturers, developers, engineers...

Time also to draw and adjust the form of the light in itself.


One wish: to have a nice object synonymous of holidays, seaside, sailing,

which can be carried and nomadic.


The objective was to design a luminaire that really lights up!

We have a nice diffusing surface and a significant maximum light intensity.

Once these ideas were assembled, the drawings optimized in 3D, we reached the prototype phase.

This prototype that fits exactly to what I expected, is the last version of the nomadic light.


The IPW company is the one who helped me all the way through the development process. They included me in their program to support young business owners, which was really encouraging for me. They support me and believe in my project.


This adventure is wonderful, I am surrounded by caring and skilled professionals:

a true support!


It’s this very same company that will produce the lights at the end of this campaign.



The light activates with a button.

With a short pressure, you light it.

There are 3 different light intensities (100% = 250 lumens).

I also wished to offer 3 color temperatures: neutral white, cold white and warm white.

You can change the color temperature by pressing the button twice quickly.

Dessin cotes.jpg

The Light


The Fender Lights / Pare-Battage were conceived by Sophie Scher, a French designer.

It is her first outdoor luminaire, LED indoor light, nomadic and design.


This isn’t only a wireless light; it is also a decorative element.

I want to shake up the codes of classic lighting. Outdoor and indoor lights are lighting elements moored to your table, by your pool, on your terrace, on the chandeliers of your sailboat, during a stroll, a picnic, cabotage... (to put or hand depending on your desires).


Outdoor luminaires, design, movable, objects of decoration and life.

The Fender Lights generate a whole new mindset.

They are true everyday objects…


Color Temperatures

In addition to the 3 light intensities (25%, 50% and 100%), I chose to add 3 color temperatures :

Warm white (2200K)

Neutral white (4000K)

Cold white (6000K)



If you are a distributor or a store interested in buying Fender Lights in bulk, please contribute one light and send us a private message so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

There you go, sales are launched!

I sincerely hope you will appreciate
my approach.

Thanks to you, everything is possible!

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